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Employment Agreements

Skilled Texas Lawyers Work to Create Fair Employment Agreements

San Antonio firm protects individuals in negotiations with employers

Though many employer-employee relationships are contractual, the difference in power between a business and a worker can lead to unfairness in contract negotiation and performance. Even when employees know they’re correct, they may hesitate to assert themselves because they fear termination or other adverse treatment. At Sanford Law Firm in San Antonio, our mission is to help employees establish fair contracts and hold companies to account for failure to honor their duties. Likewise, if an employment engagement is ending, we work diligently to protect employees’ compensation, benefits and professional marketability during discussions over all types of agreements.

Knowledgeable attorneys advise on noncompete and other contracts

With decades of combined legal experience, our employment attorneys understand how businesses sometimes mislead or pressure employees into contracts that don’t serve their best interests. We use what we’ve learned to level the playing field in negotiations relating to:

  • Separation and severance agreements — Texas law requires all employment agreements to be reasonable. Our attorneys make sure that clients understand such issues as severance payments and benefits before signing a contract. If you are already subject to a separation agreement, we’ll determine if your employer is honoring its obligations, and if not, we’ll aggressively seek relief.
  • Noncompete agreements — Some businesses try to prevent contractual employees from leaving by instituting overbearing restrictions on their future endeavors. If you are already subject to a noncompete contract, we’ll determine if it is valid under state law or if goes beyond what is necessary to protect the employer’s legitimate business interests.
  • Executive compensation packages — When an executive joins a new company, the compensation package can be highly complex, especially if business shares or profit incentives are part of the deal. No matter what type of salaries, bonuses or benefits are involved, we’ll give you a clear, complete perspective on what is being offered. From there, we’ll press to complete a contract that achieves your objectives.
  • Arbitration provisions — Many employment agreements require all disputes to be resolved through arbitration. Our lawyers represent clients during these proceedings and also counsel employers about whether the use of an arbitrator is appropriate for the circumstances.

One mistake in contract negotiation can have serious consequences for many years afterward. Even if the terms of an employment, severance or noncompete agreement seem straightforward, it’s wise to bring in an experienced attorney who can help you avert unpleasant surprises.

Contact a seasoned Texas attorney for assistance with an employment contract issue

Sanford Law Firm represents clients in a full range of matters relating to employment contracts throughout south Texas, including Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe and Wilson counties. We also assist clients from other locations around the country. To set up an appointment at our San Antonio office, please call 205-675-0726 or contact us online.

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