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Alabama Labor Lawyers Provide Comprehensive Counsel to Workers

Experienced Birmingham attorneys represent employees in negotiations and disputes

When employers overstep their bounds and try to take advantage of their workers, unions and labor laws are there to help employees fight back. However, workers sometimes need guidance from a qualified labor and employment attorney so that they can understand their options and enforce their legal rights. The dedicated advocates at Sanford Law Firm in Birmingham represent clients throughout Alabama in union matters, contract negotiations, wage disputes and actions relating to unfair labor practices. We won’t let you be intimidated and will use any appropriate legal method to achieve the result you seek.

Firm advises unions and individuals on wage and compliance matters

With more than six decades of combined legal experience, our labor lawyers give clients the ability to challenge employers effectively in matters involving:

  • Wage and hour issues — In most cases, Alabama follows the federal rules on wages, overtime and family leave. This means that the hourly minimum wage for most employees is $7.25, and time-and-a-half must be paid after a worker has reached 40 hours within a week. Whether a potential violation involves just you or a group of employees, one of our accomplished employment lawyers can help.
  • Compliance matters — Various state and federal regulations apply to employers. These rules cover job safety, access to workers’ compensation, hours that can be worked by minors and a series of other issues. If something seems wrong, our knowledgeable employment lawyers will advise you on the pertinent legal standards and the measures we can take to bring your employer into compliance.
  • Collective bargaining — Labor contracts between unions and companies are vitally important to both sides. Many businesses are committed to putting maximum pressure on workers in order to secure favorable deal terms in these complex agreements. We help hold the line on behalf of union members so that they have the knowledge they need to negotiate from a position of strength at every stage of the collective bargaining process.
  • Unfair labor practices — The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) sets forth a series of rules governing union-employer relationships. When a company does not negotiate in good faith, illegally prevents union activities or violates some other provision within the NLRA or another applicable law, our firm presses for relief either directly with the employer or by bringing an action before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Our reputation for delivering outstanding advocacy has been built by successfully representing employees in several states. Businesses understand this and give our clients and their concerns the respect they deserve.

Speak with an effective Alabama labor lawyer to schedule a meeting

Sanford Law Firm assists workers and unions with various labor law concerns, such as collective bargaining, wage disputes and contract interpretation. Please call 205-675-0726 or contact us online to arrange a meeting at our Birmingham office, located at Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard North, to discuss your situation.

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