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Workplace Discrimination

Alabama Litigators Pursue Justice for Clients Hurt by Discrimination

Experienced Birmingham employment lawyers assist victims of workplace bias

Federal law protects individuals against discrimination in the workplace. With a strong attorney by your side, you can fight back against unfair treatment and hold employers accountable for their illegal conduct. Located in Birmingham, Sanford Law Firm represents Alabama discrimination victims in litigation and administrative proceedings so that they can achieve a result that addresses the harm they’ve suffered. Whether you were targeted due to your race, religion, age, sex, disability or some other legally protected characteristic, our attorneys will work to obtain any available remedy from violators and their companies.

Knowledgeable firm handles race, sex, religion, age and disability cases

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act banned discrimination of members in legally protected classes by employers with at least 15 workers. In most instances, Alabama does not have specific state laws addressing discrimination and relies on the federal standard. Within the state, employees have 180 days from the incident at issue to file a Charge of Discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Should the EEOC grant the right to sue, litigation must be initiated within 90 days. Our employment lawyers advise clients on the best approach to ending discriminatory acts and pursuing damages where appropriate.

We handle workplace bias claims for individuals and groups in each of the protected classes: 

  • Race, color and national origin — Comments that a certain racial or ethnic group is suited or unsuited to a specific type of job might indicate that unlawful discrimination is occurring. If the problem is widespread, our lawyers analyze information about which employees have received promotions and which ones experienced adverse actions. Even jokes about people of certain races or nationalities could be a sign of a larger problem.  
  • Sex — Under the law, there is no such thing as “women’s work,” or “men’s work,” for that matter. People of each sex are entitled to equal treatment no matter what industry is involved. This protection extends to women who are expecting a child — they are covered under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, passed in 1978. Our firm also represents victims in workplace harassment cases when a person faces pressure to engage in a sexual relationship or is subjected to a hostile work environment.
  • Religion — The U.S. Constitution gives Americans the right to freely exercise their chosen religion, but sometimes managers and businesses treat individuals of certain faiths differently. One potential consequence of this discrimination occurs when employees are prohibited from observing religious holidays or practicing their faith in a way that does not disrupt the workplace.
  • Age — The Alabama Age Discrimination in Employment Act (AADEA) prohibits employers in the state from making employment decisions based on the fact that the worker(s) is 40 years of age or older. A sudden change in work responsibilities to make a particular job more physical might be a sign that a company is trying to find an excuse to justify releasing or demoting an older employee.
  • Disability status — Though the Americans with Disabilities Act requires most businesses to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with an impairment, determining what is “reasonable” can be contentious. If you think you didn’t get a job or have faced negative comments or actions at work due to your disability, our attorneys argue for a resolution where the employer lives up to its legal responsibility.

Whether your discrimination case stems from a job, promotion or raise that you didn’t receive, or a firing, demotion or some other type of workplace mistreatment, such as being forced into inappropriate duty, we are strong advocates who’ll make every legal effort to correct the situation.

Contact an accomplished Alabama employment lawyer for a workplace discrimination claim

Sanford Law Firm in Birmingham advocates for victims of all types of workplace discrimination. We represent Alabama clients in lawsuits, administrative proceedings and communications with employers. Please call 205-675-0726 or contact us online to set up a meeting. Our firm’s office is on Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard North in Birmingham.

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