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Workplace Harassment

Birmingham Lawyers Advocate for Workplace Harassment Victims

Established Alabama firm aids employees subjected to sexual advances

Sexual harassment and other types of workplace mistreatment persist throughout the United States despite the attention that high-profile claims have received in the past few years. Though many employees understand when the behavior of their supervisor or co-worker is wrong, it can be very difficult to take the first step toward obtaining meaningful relief. Sanford Law Firm in Birmingham provides comprehensive legal support to Alabama workers in all types of harassment cases. Whether your boss is pressuring you for a date or you’ve been subjected to offensive images while trying to do your job, our experienced employment lawyers will give you the information and advocacy you need to pursue justice.

Skilled attorneys represent clients who face pressure from supervisors

When someone is subjected to unwelcome behavior in the workplace, especially when the aggressor is their boss, the employee might feel as if they have little recourse. Our firm strikes back on behalf of sexual harassment victims and others who have been denied safe, nonthreatening working conditions by those who supervise them. We handle various workplace harassment cases, including those stemming from:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment — This illegal conduct occurs when a supervisor or someone else in a position of authority seeks sexual attention from a worker in exchange for some benefit. Quid pro quo claims can arise from negative pressure, such as threatening to fire someone if they don’t comply, or positive “promises,” such as offering a raise if the employee gives in. These claims are not dependent upon the gender of either the harasser or the victim.
  • Hostile work environment claims — Offensive conduct, speech, images or gestures give rise to a hostile work environment action when the misbehavior is “severe or pervasive.” These actions can be based on sexually predatory behavior but they can also be based on misconduct related to racial, religious, age- or disability-based prejudice.
  • Retaliation actions — Many harassed workers fail to report mistreatment because they fear they will face retaliation if they do so, but the law is on their side: it’s illegal to punish someone for reporting workplace harassment. Even if your employer tries to hide the true reason of the adverse job action taken against you, we can review the circumstances and help to expose the truth.

Don’t put up with harassment that causes emotional strain and threatens your ability to earn a living. Our labor lawyers are determined to protect the rights of harassment victims and secure proper compensation from the liable parties.

Proven litigators pursue relief in hostile work environment actions

Deciding whether workplace harassment justifies the filing of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim or lawsuit can be tricky. A qualified employment lawyer can explain the difference between behavior that is merely unpleasant and that which creates a hostile work environment involving:

  • Race — Ethnic jokes, mock accents and other types of denigration could make it intolerable for someone to do their work on a daily basis. When companies fail to stop this type of mistreatment, we step in on employees’ behalf.
  • Religion — The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. If you’re facing harassment due to your faith or the way you practice it, such as the freedom to observe religious holidays, our attorneys stand up for you.
  • Age — Derisive nicknames or other acts designed to embarrass older workers (those 40 and above) might give rise to a claim for age-related harassment.
  • Disability — Doing your job while dealing with a disability should not subject you to treatment that makes fun of limitations. In these situations, we press for proper treatment and legal relief where justified.

It’s important to remember that a hostile work environment claim can be brought regardless of whether the harasser is in a supervisory position or not. Misconduct by co-workers and even other people who are frequently in the workplace can support a decision in favor of the harassed employee.

Contact a dedicated Alabama lawyer for advice regarding a possible harassment claim

Sanford Law Firm assists Alabama victims of sexual harassment and other types of misbehavior that occur in the workplace. For a consultation regarding your matter, please call 205-675-0726 or contact us online. Our office is located on Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard North in Birmingham.

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